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Air Squad proudly serves the DFW area with quality products and service you can depend on.  Air Squad is proud to sell & install quality Lennox products and also services all major brands of equipment.



SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) are used to indicate the efficiencies of different types of equipment.  Not only do American Standard Systems meet the required government standard of 13 SEER, in most cases, they even exceed it.

SEER ratings are a lot like miles per gallon in cars.  The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit- and the more money you save.  When properly selected, American Standard integrated systems offer very high SEER ratings, which improve you family’s comfort and reduce your operating costs.

Air Conditioners

Top of the line

Platinum ZM Air Conditioners range in efficiency  up to 20 SEER — TOP OF THE LINE air conditioner made by American Standard.  Also known as the Allegiance 20 Air Conditioner.

This model comes with a very high SEER rating and has been certified by the Energy star because of being highly energy efficient.  Save up to 60% on your heating and cooling bills.

For more info on the Platinum ZM Air Conditioner click here.

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Heat Pumps

A Allegiance 15 Air Conditioners Beauty Color

A heat pump does the job of an air conditioner and a furnace. But unlike a furnace, it doesn’t burn fuel to create heat. It uses electricity to keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and comfortable all year round.

American Standard’s Heritage® heat pump family offers exclusive comfort technology and a range of options to give you the most quiet, efficient and comfortable home heating and cooling you’ve ever experienced.

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A Freedom 95 Furnaces (Gas) Single Stage Beauty Color

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has a range of furnaces that will bring efficient warmth to your home.  Our furnaces have AFUE ratings from 80% up to 96.7% which means that at least 80% or more of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

Both oil furnaces & gas furnaces are designed to provide maximum heat for minimum fuel usage.

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A_2-4_TEE_CommAir Handlers

An air handler delivers comfortable conditioned air throughout your home.  It works with an air conditioner to circulate cool air in the summer.  Or, when paired with a heat pump, it circulates cool air in the summer & warm air in the winter.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning offers you a choice of air handlers that deliver new levels of quiet comfort.

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From the seven-day programmable models to the digital non-programmable styles,  American Standard thermostats can monitor your comfort every season of the year.

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Limited Warranty – American Standard Home Comfort Systems are backed by one of the best limited warranties in the industry.  Limited warranties cover parts only.

Extended Warranty – You can extend coverage on parts and even labor with our extended warranties.  That way, you don’t have to worry about unplanned failures.  Repair bills will be a thing of the past.You can protect your home comfort systems for up to 10 years.