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Don’t get left in the cold!!


Tune Up your Heater




 Want to keep your family safe, stay warm & save money at the same time?

Fall officially arrived on September 22, 2010.  The days are growing shorter and the weather is getting cooler.  About time, right?  We never can wait until that we get the first cold front that comes in.  But then…when it does, we want to be warm!

Now is the time to call Air Squad and have a technician do a thorough heating/safety inspection on your furnace.


  • Check for proper combustionBlank clipboard with stethoscope
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Check flue draft
  • Check limit controls
  • Check safety devices
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Check heat strips
  • Check for deadly Carbon Monoxide
  • Clean burners (in place)
  • Check air filters
  • Check blower capacitor
  • Check amperage
  • Test gas pressure
  • Check temperature (supply & return)
  • Confirm proper operation


Tune Up Benefits

In Texas, the central air conditioning system is used year round.  There are very few days that windows actually get opened to let the ac have a rest.  If any machine works that hard, it will require repair, maintenance or replacement at some point.

To prolong the life of your unit, regular maintenance will keep it running at it’s peak performance level.  Improving the fuel capacity and heating capacity will in the end lower the energy usage, thus lowering the energy bill.


Your Furnace Warranty

All furnace and air conditioner manufacturers recommends routine maintenance.  Almost all manufacturers owner’s manual & warranty state that the homeowner is required to maintain their equipment or the warranty may become void.  Some manufacturers may even require you to keep a receipt of the routine professional maintenance.


Home Warranty Requirements

Home warranty companies cover problems that are caused by normal wear & tear. Many will not cover problems caused by failure to perform required maintenance.  Have a professional H.V.A.C. contractor perform routine tune ups on your heating and air conditioning system & also keep records to document proper maintenance.



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