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Attention Tri-County Electric Customers

In the October 2009 newsletter, Tri-County Electric announced launch of the “Energy Efficiency Rebate Program” (EERP).  The purpose of this rebate is to encourage Tri-County customers to  take more energy efficient efforts in the way that they use energy.  Rebates will be offered for installation of efficient electric heating/cooling equipment, a/c tune-ups and attic insulation.

High Efficiency Electric Heat Pump

Tri-Co will issue rebates for equipment that exceeds the current minimum performance ratings of 13 Seer for cooling & exceeds 7.7 HSPF for heating.

  •  14 Seer Heat Pump (Qualified Rebate:  $100)Outside man & woman
  • 15 Seer & higher Heat Pump (Qualified Rebate:  $200) 

For more information on an Air Squad Air Conditioning Equipment click here.

Heating and Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Tri-County defines the Heating & AC tune-up as:  An annual tune up that  includes checking & correcting the unit’s refrigerant charge, repairing leaks if required, cleaning and lubricating the blower unit, inspecting and cleaning of refrigerant coils, replacing filters, thermostat inspection, wiring inspection and duct work inspection.

  • One inspection per 12 months (Qualified Rebate:  $100)

For more information on an Air Squad Heating Tune Up click here.

Attic Insulation

This rebate is available for residences using electric air conditioning & resistant heat.  Homes with R-8 insulation or less must increase insulation to a minimum of R-38.

  • (Qualified Rebate:  $275) – Per Residence

For more information on an Air Squad Attic Insulation click here.

Give us a call for additional information or questions.  We’ll be happy to help you. 

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